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This popular sports bar at Yankee Stadium is a shrine for all baseball lovers.  Helen, the owner, a has filled up the bar with pictures and posters and some unique memorabilia adorning the walls. Try our house specials and enjoy!  We deliver, but not during game time! 
Hours of Operation:
Monday: 5:30 AM - 8:30 PM
Tuesday: 5:30 AM - 8:30 PM
Wednesday: 5:30 AM - 8:30 PM
Thursday: 5:30 AM - 8:30 PM
Friday: 5:30 AM - 8:30 PM
Saturday: 5:30 AM - 8:30 PM
Sunday: 5:30 AM - 8:30 PM

884 River Ave.
Bronx, NY, 10451
Phone: (917) 396 - 0077


We Deliver! Just Not During Game Time..

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"My boyfriend and I were on vacation from Miami last month and we decided to check out a couple of bars in the area before the Yankees game started and we LOVED this bar, we stopped by after the game and stayed until they closed."

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